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Shaping the Truth: Muscle vs Body Fat, Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

Let’s briefly discuss a few things about fat, muscle, fat loss , and weight loss!

1. Muscle can not turn in to fat. Fat can not turn in to muscle. They are two completely different components of the body.

2. You can not spot reduce. For example: doing a ton of crunches will NOT burn away belly fat. All you are doing is causing muscular contractions. Body fat is not effected.

3. Everyone HAS “abs”, but body fat hides them. Practicing the correct nutrition habits consistently and over time, in conjunction with proper strength training, will help those abbies come out to play!

4. Think fat loss, not weight loss. Any ounce or pound you lose should be primarily composed of “fat”. We can get anyone to lose 5 pounds over night , by playing some silly water manipulation games. It’s not fat loss! The moment you drink some water, POOF, “weight” is back on.

5. If you gain a pound overnight , chillllll. It’s not fat. Your weight on the scale is your relationship with gravity. The scale doesn’t know what you are composed of: muscle, fat, water, the weight of food sitting in your stomach, you haven’t gone to the bathroom yet, water retention due to swelling, working out, hormones, medications, menstrual cycle , what time you are weighing in etc.

6. Fat loss takes time and patience . We live in a world where we can get so many things done immediately . We can do anything at the touch of our fingertips to our phone. We have grown more impatient than ever before! Fat loss , however, requires work and a lifestyle shift. And then maintenance. It is not a phase. Be consistent, persistent, patient, and honest with yourself when it comes to tracking and staying on course!

7. We are genetically predisposed to where we store our body fat. Unfortunately we can’t control that.

8. Try not to get hyper focused on numbers, weight, body fat% etc.

Every device you use is calibrated differently and may provide VERY different readings!

If you have any further questions on the topic, we are happy to help! 🤗

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