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Since opening RevolutioniZe Nutrition in 2013, our members and followers have been asking the owners and staff for a cookbook, to provide easy and delicious recipes that they can make while on our program, and to help them be most successful!

In order to help further, and to make the experience at RevolutioniZe Nutrition even more enjoyable while our members smash their goals, RevolutioniZe owner, Michele Zandman - Frankel, and Nutrition Coach, Lauren White, joined forces to create a cookbook filled with healthy, "macro-friendly" recipes. With this original recipe PACKED cookbook, members can stay on track, without eliminating the flavors of their favorite foods. With Lauren's culinary background, she was able to work with Michele on creating mouthwatering dishes that would yield a ton of flavor, as well as provide an advantageous macronutrient balance. Altogether, this cookbook contains 79 recipes, including but not limited to: breakfast, poultry, beef, seafood, vegan/vegetarian, salads, snacks, desserts, sides, and more!
We hope you enjoy your very own RevolutioniZe Cookbook, available in a spiral soft cover, and e-book. 



Volume 2 - ONE POT WONDERS! 

ONE POT WONDERS” contains different categories on how to prepare foods, including sheet pan, insta pot, slow cooker, air fryer, one pot and one skillet recipes. For the busy week nights, this cookbook offers easy “ONE POT” meals that you can piece together only using ONE cooking source. This makes prepping your meals not only easy, but the clean up is a breeze as well. Just like the original, "REVOLUTIONIZE COOKBOOK", "ONE POT WONDERS" takes meals that we all love and puts a twist on them to make healthier and more macro-friendly options, that taste just as delicious as the original! Some of the recipes will become your new favorites that you will love adding to your weekly rotation!

Reach your physique and health goals in a tasty fun fashion with both our original RevolutioniZe Cookbook, One Pot Wonders, or Build-A-Bowl!


Our cookbooks also make a great gift for others!

Click the box below to order yours and have it delivered straight to your door!


We are PROUD to announce

the launch of our NEWEST cookbook, 


Volume 3: BUILD-A-BOWL! 

The concept of this cookbook is based on making a delicious meal combining all 3 macronutrients (protein, fats, and carbohydrates), and adding LAYERS of flavor! If you are getting bored of the same old meals, this book dives deep into unique and flavorful bowls! All recipes are made for ONE bowl. If you want more servings, simply multiply the ingredients appropriately. These recipes are sure to please! You are going to go CRAZY for these flavor combinations!

Reach your physique and health goals in a tasty fun fashion with our original RevolutioniZe Cookbook, One Pot Wonders, or Build-A-Bowl!


Our cookbooks also make a great gift for others!

Click the box below to order yours and have it delivered straight to your door!



"LOBSTER ROLL? I opened my new RevolutioniZe cookbook to see a recipe for a LOBSTER ROLL. One of my favorite meals EVER. Made it. Ate it.  Blown away. Round of applause, this was outstanding!"

— Elliot,



"IT WAS THE BEST CHICKEN I'VE EVER HAD! Carbs were low today so I had it with a nice big serving of rice!"

— Brittney,



"My family  LOVES fajita night! It is wonderful to enjoy these meals with the family and not feel like I have to eat differently from them, just because I have fat loss goals set for myself."

— Kaity,

Wife, mom of 3, Physician Assistant


"I never follow recipes. But this year I said I would! I bought this recipe book from RevolutioniZe and OMG!... 1st recipe completed and it's DELICIOUS! If you haven't yet, GO GET YOURS!

— Marlene,

Mother and grandmother


"Putting my new RevolutioniZe Cookbook to use and enjoying these delicious recipes! Just made the taco bites and they are SO good. This book is going to save me!"

— Chelsey,

Owner of Bradley Brew Project, mother of 3


"I haven't enjoyed crab cakes in years out of fear that it's 'not on my plan'. These were sooo tasty, and I will be enjoying crab cakes in my life more often. Thank you!"

— Angela,

Pre-school teacher and mother


"Waffles are LIFE!" I make these in bulk and keep them in the fridge or freezer for backup. I eat these every morning and it's the best way to start my day. Sometimes I make them for a nighttime snack heehee!"

— Alex,



"We bought your cookbook!!! A+ !!!"

— Joel,



"Got my Rev Cookbook in the mail today! Most of my healthy inspired meals have come from RevolutioniZe and now they finally released a cookbook of their own! 8 pounds to go to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. Let the meal prep begin!"

— Ashley,

Postpartum, Social Worker


"Thank you thank you! I received my cookbook and absolutely LOVE it! I ordered a few more as gifts for my family. I just made these and they taste amazing!"

— Daniel,


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