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Alex - virtual client

Joining RevolutioniZe has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Having an expert coach me every step of the way has given me an extremely realistic perspective on nutrition and food. I was concerned that having a coach long-distance would be hard (I live on the opposite side of the country!) but my coach's constant support and encouragement has made my program feel effortless. Our weekly phone calls help keep me accountable and reassure me that I'm on the right track. Oh, and have I mentioned that this program actually WORKS?

Even if you’ve already reached weight loss milestones like myself, you can still take your journey to the next level. The tools I have learned are NOT temporary or “quick fixes” to losing weight - they are LIFESTYLE CHANGES that you’ll be able to implement daily for the rest of your life. I wish I had done this sooner! Thank you RevolutioniZe and THANK YOU to my incredible coach Kelsey - I am so lucky I found you guys!

Carly - NPC Bikini and mother

They helped me develop a flexible diet which works and never leaves me feeling deprived. With Randy and Michele as my coaches I accomplished my goal of competing in two different shows in the NPC. I could of never achieved this goal without them. I highly recommend Revolutionize to anyone for nutritional counseling. Such amazing people and wonderful energy!!


I have been working with RevolutioniZe for almost a year now and have had a great experience working with Lauren, Michelle and Randy! I was already on a weight loss journey before working them, however I realized I hit a plateau and needed further guidance. Since joining I have been able to continue to my fat loss goals while also learning a lot about nutrition and food. I am looking forward to continue working with them and excited to see my future progress!

Valerie - NPC NQ Figure

Hands down THE BEST nutritionists i have ever seen. I have been a member of Revolutionize since 2014 and still stick with them till this day. Available 24/7, any questions, personable and professional they offer it all ! Love love love Michele and Randy and the entire Rev crew! Highly recommend to check them out and i get them 10/5 stars!.

Caleb - entrepreneur, virtual 

Since I’ve started working with my coach Kelsey and RevolutioniZe Nutrition and using their flexible eating lifestyle , I’ve learned of the importance of focusing on fat loss rather than weight loss. I’ve dropped a pants size and witnessed my body transform to the point where I can see abs! I’ve become stronger than ever before achieving personal bests in every aspect of my training program.

But most importantly, I have found my joy in eating again. And it has positively impacted my relationship with my wife and kids and their relationship with food. On a daily basis, we get up excited about our lives and what we will eat for that day. We’ve found an eating lifestyle that we find joy in and can continue for the rest of our lives.

Thank you, Revolutionize Fitness, and most importantly, thank you, Kelsey, for your help, support, and guidance!

Christina - Pro wrestler, hip hop dancer, DJ

I been with revolutionize since they started out in coffee shops! Revolutionize helped me transform my body for professional hip hop dancing to bikini competitor to overcoming my biggest challenge living a balance between staying on track but enjoying things the average person does. My mind and body doesn't have to always be in competition mode which is hard to turn off . Thank you guys for always being motivating and supportive!


My time with Rev has been legitimately life changing. I have lost weight (a lot!), but more importantly am healthier than I ever have been, and have a completely new relationship with food. The community and atmosphere they’ve built is so positive and uplifting; the best investment I’ve made for my health and happiness.

Nic - NPC NQ Physique

Revolutionize brings a smart and easy way to nutrition and healthy living. What ever your goals are, they can tailor their methods to any life style.

Everyone in their office is professional and a pleasure to work with! When you walk in you feel more like family than a customer.

I highly recommend Revolutionize!

Shafon - NPC Figure

I've been a client at Revolutionize Nutrition for 2 years. I came to them as a Nutrition client who was interested in competing. They taught me how to eat to reach my fitness goals. And they are always available for questions and they help keep me accountable. When you become a client at Revolutionize you basically become family. They will help you when you struggle and make sure you get back on track. Whether you are interested in Nutrition or Competing or both, this is the best place to be.

Nina - NPC Master's Bikini

I have been working with Revolutionize Nutrition since December 2014 for my first NPC Fitness Competition. Since then they have been a constant support managing my weight/health. The Macro plan is easy to follow and produces results as long as you put in the work and follow it 100%. You will never feel like you’re on a “diet”! The team at Rev is caring, genuine and knowledgeable.


I heard about Revolutionize through a friend that was going into men’s physique competition. I figure I’d finally make the leap and try it myself. Not only did I find a passion for it, but also with Michelle and Randy. I felt like family from day 1 consult. Amazing people with amazing energy that know what they’re doing. It’s been an honor to work with them!

Sijara - UFC Fighter

Absolutely love revolutionize! They are professional, fun and very knowledgeable. They work with everyone, people trying to lose weight, build muscle, pro athlete etc. Affordable prices also


I’ve been working w Randy, Michele & staff for about 5+ years. They have helped me keep my weight consistent, my mindset positive & my discipline on point. I’ve been under their plan as both an IFBB Pro competitor & a regular nutrition client & have always had great success. They’re nutrition plan & their encouragement to attain my goals were key to getting the results. Highly recommend them to help you reach your goals!!! - Nicole Guzzardi

Melissa - NPC NQ Figure, BJJ

I could easily go on forever about Revolutionize. The staff is extremely professional, supportive, motivational and positive. Before approaching Michele at an event where she was representing her business I was a bit intimidated...(I tend to be a but shy when I dont know someone ) Within seconds of talking to her I felt comfortable and confident that I wanted to learn more about the nutritional services Revolutionize has to offer. I scheduled an appointment for a consultation, met with Emily, one of the nutritionists on staff, and have not looked back since. I have made significant muscle gains that aligned specifically with my goals. They offer real life solutions for both short and long term goals. No gimicks, false promises or nonsence. Whether you are looking to lose post baby weight, gain sme muscle or step on stage to compete Rev can help!!!

Kelsye - virtual client

I absolutely love Rev! I learned so much about nutrition working with them and I will continue to recommend them to others! I worked with Rev for a year and a half and it was truly life changing. I had awful eating habits and suffered from ARFID (an eating disorder.) My nutritionist was so loving and patient she worked me through everything and I can actually say my ED is in the past and for that I am forever grateful.


Several people from my gym were on the program and the changes to their body composition were amazing. That convinced me to call and make a consultation appointment. At the time I met with Lauren, I was getting married in 5 months and the summer was coming up so of course, I wanted to look and feel my best for both. Most of my adult life I’ve watched what I ate and worked out but I’ve never had the results as I did with Revolutionize. Once you get in the routine of logging your macros, it becomes easier to follow. I lost 13 lbs, my body fat percentage went down 5% and I lost a bunch of inches. I didn’t change my workouts, only the way I was eating. The program makes you think about what you’re eating and teaches you the right portion sizes as well. After 5 months of being on the program, I’m now doing it on my own and still feel great. It really changes how you think about food and what you put in your body. I can’t take all the credit for my progress and results. If it wasn’t for Lauren, I wouldn’t have been as successful as I was. She’s a great nutritionist and person. When I plateaued, she knew what to do to get me going again and was my cheerleader the whole way through.

If you’re on the fence about starting this program, don’t be. Anyone can do it with the help and guidance Revolutionize gives you.

Katie - Owner Jersey Freeze 

BEST DECISION EVER!!! I started Rev in Oct 2017... I’ve worked out forever ate “healthy” and still wasn’t seeing the results I felt I should have. Within 3 months of following my plan from Rebecca everything changed.... my body, my energy, my strength. Hands down the best decision I made! Rebecca is amazing, Michelle and Randy make you feel like a part of the family every time you walk in! It’s been 2 years and I still love it and I have successfully kept my inches off without killing myself in the gym day after day.

Lisa - hair stylist

Michele is awesome . I love going to rev they are so knowledgeable and passionate about health and fitness . It is my go to for all my nutritional needs. Love you Michele!!


Revolutionize is the best around! All of the nutritionists are wonderfully helpful and super knowledgeable. Really great program. Plus they are willing and fully capable of working with people with various dietary needs ie vegan, pescatarian etc which can be hard to find w nutritionists. Can’t recommend Revolutionize enough!


Great team, knowledgeable, caring family atmosphere. Love them!!!


I’m super happy that I found this place! Their nutrition advice helped me get rid off my baby weight. I also learned how to keep a healthy relationship with food. I highly recommend them!

Karen - Mrs. New Jersey International

Excellent resource and outstanding support as well as knowledge. I recommend RevolutioniZe Nutrition if you want the right guidance to make a difference.

Rob - realtor

Do you know the feeling when you walk into a place and meet someone and you can tell they actually care, truly care? That’s the team at Revolutionize! If you are willing to be coachable and lean on their expertise, you will be amazed! It’s hard work and tough love on occasion, but that’s what it takes to make a real difference.


First time in my life counting macros and never thought it would be possible to refrain to this extent. Down 10 pounds of body fat, and noticing a difference every week in the mirror. Great staff with excellent diet and nutrition guides. I am 100 percent pleased!!

Trina -
Masters Powerlifter

’ve been working with Emily at revolutionize for a little over a month. Here’s what I can tell you so far on this short part of the journey: it can be intimidating to try something different at 47. I am masters powerlifter and weightlifter and deciding to dive into nutrition later in life can feel overwhelming. Not at Revolutionize. Emily is supportive, friendly, honest and non-judgmental. She listens to my goals and concerns and never makes me feel self-conscious. In the short time there, I’ve not only lost weight, but have become the leanest I’ve been in my life. For the first time, I understand how to treat food as seriously as my lifting routine. I have a meet in January and another in June, and look forward to being the healthiest I’ve ever been on the platform. Treat people like athletes, and they perform like athletes. Lots more work to do, but I am so appreciative to have Revolutionize be part of the journey. Thank you.



They helped keep my girlfriend sane during her contest prep. Would give 50 🌟 if possible.

Dee - IFBB Physique, Surgeon

I should have written this a long time ago. How do I put into words how awesome revolutionize is??? It's nearly impossible. This is a program for anyone and everyone. I never thought I'd find a nutrition program that works with my hectic and busy lifestyle as a surgeon. But this is it. It works with you. It's designed to be flexible and fit your life. This isn't something you change your life to make work. It is, however, something that will change your life forever. my husband and I are examples of how it can work in two highly different lifestyles. Just try won't be disappointed.

Alan - pediatrist

Amazing, knowledgeable nutritionists that will help you meet your goals. Highly recommended!

Jerry - Air Force

When I was trying to lose weight in order to join the U.S. Air Force, I reached a point where I didn’t know how to continue my weight loss while trying to eat healthy. The people of RevolutioniZe Nutrition changed all that for me and helped me every step of the way. My nutritionist, Emily, taught me what foods I should eat, what types of exercise I should do and what would be my ideal macronutrients for me based upon my lifestyle. Doing that 3D fit scan every 2 weeks also gave me an idea on what parts of the body I should work on as well as my progress over time. I now see a huge difference from my first scan to my last scan. Thanks to them, after a year of being with them while taking their advice for dieting and exercising, I’ve now lost 80 pounds and am now fully enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. I couldn’t be where I am now without their guidance and support! I highly recommend going to them if you really are committed to lose weight or to develop a healthier lifestyle for your sake. The lessons you learn from them will be with you always! My only regret was not making my testimonial sooner as I’m leaving for Air Force BMT on June 11th, 2019. If you folks are reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!


Michele is extremely knowledgeable, focused on results and professional!

Dr. David

Great people, great enviroment, always wants the best for people.


There really are not enough stars to give here! I started at Revolutionize 3 months before my wedding based on recommendations from a friend of a friend. I worked with Rebecca and again no words for how incredible and knowledgeable she is. After my initial meeting and scan, Rebecca gave me the macros to follow. She nailed it because we did not have to change the numbers once and the results are literally out of control. I lost inches on my hips and body composition totally changed while knowing this wasn't a diet by any means. My goal was to 'get lean' and I accomplished that but couldn't have done it without her. Rebecca was always available for questions and kept me motivated the entire time. She would check in via text for me to send her screen shots to keep me on track. I couldn't have gotten more compliments this past Saturday on how great I looked. I feel amazing and have Rebecca and Revolutionize to thank for it!!


You walk in the door and are greeted like family. Not even a week in working with Rebecca and I have never felt better. She listened, taught me and put together an amazing plan. Her knowledge base is extensive and it shows. It's not a fad, it's a way of life and I'm honored to have the Rev family in my corner. Looking forward to this journey.

Keila - NPC NQ Figure

Amazing people who felt like family from the first day we met. If you want people who believe in what they do, are willing to have faith in you and treat you like their own then hurry up and get to the Rev house!! You'll love the way you look.


Just starting my journey and loving it. TONS of communication and feedback!


I have been working with Emily and Randy since December and it has by far been the best experience ever! Everyone at Revolutionize are down to earth wonderful people. They treat you like family are always willing to go the extra mile to help out. I started in December and have lost 13lbs, gained more muscle, and feel absolutely fantastic. I have struggled with my workouts and nutrition for a while as my Lyme disease flared up, but with there knowledge and motivation I am feeling better than ever!


I joined in December. Rebecca is my coach and I couldn't be happier. I needed help finding balance with my food and fitness routine. Rebecca helps me stay accountable to my plan. I email randy with gym questions sometimes when I'm in the middle of a set and he always gets back to me. He has been there to help me tweak my plan so I can fit it in to this new lifestyle I'm trying to create. I love my team! I'm having a great experience I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to make healthy changes.


I’m not one to leave reviews, but I just wanted to thank the Rev family for all that they do. I have been working with Kelsey for approximately 9 months and she is absolutely amazing. From my very first consultation over the phone, I immediately knew that Kelsey was the perfect nutritionist to help me reach my goals. The knowledge and passion that she has for nutrition reflects on all of her clients and their progress. Anytime I have a question, she immediately gets back to me and it is obvious that she truly cares! Kelsey is the best in the game and I highly recommend her!!


RevolutioniZe is literally life changing. I have had nothing but support from Michele, Randy, and my nutritionist Rebecca and truly feel like I am part of a family at Rev! Every time I walk in the door, there is such a positive vibe and I leave there feeling accomplished and ready to keep pushing ahead on my fitness journey. I am so happy that I have met the amazing team at Rev and love that they are a part of my life! A truly amazing place!




This company and this team are amazing! When I started with them I told my nutritionist, Kelsey, that my goal was to be happy in my body. I didn’t have any specifics on what that was only that I wanted to be happy. With her help and Revolutionize's program I am the happiest I have ever been in my own body.

I started my journey with them overweight, no energy, and thinking I was eating properly. With Kelsey's help I am down 20+ pounds of body fat, true body fat, tons of energy, and in better shape at 39 then I was at 19. And even better I know how to keep the weight off and how to eat right for the rest of my life! No gimmicks, no pushing of products, just simply understanding how to properly eat for my body.

100% recommend!


I had life altering (elective) surgery and immediately regretted it. Post Op life was miserable and I thought I’d never feel normal again.

I knew I had to have help as far as my nutrition goes because mental health wise, things were declining and physically, I wasn’t doing the right things.

Enter Rev - specifically Lauren W. and Michele. (I kind of want to give Randy a shout too, despite my never meeting him, because I feel we are cosmically connected by instagram memes) — they both turned my mental health from severe depression because of my surgery/nutrition to hope. As I say, without hope there’s only despair.

Are they therapists? No. But they are a master in their field, which most therapists can’t say regarding your physical body composition and what you, specifically, need to succeed.

And that’s the beauty of Rev: they are there to help you SUCCEED. They’re not there to make money off you.

If you feel you’ve got a handle on this after a few months, they are still going to be there to support you.

They’ve created a team that doubles as a family and a community of members that are both inspiring and willing to give you that push when you need it.

I am beyond thankful and honored to have them in my life.

Some people may say, “Wow, that’s expensive.”

I say, “Their service is worth every single penny plus some.”

You will not get this type of personalized, empathetic, and friendly commitment to YOU from another company.

Because it’s not a “company,” — it’s a family.

I will always and forever endorse Rev.

Have a free consult. No harm, no foul. Don’t wait for Monday. Or the new year. Just do it. Life starts now.

Jessica - virtual client

RevolutioniZ Nutrition and the people who work there are, awesome!!! Michelle, Randy & Rebecca: thank you for all that you taught me years ago when I worked with you. I still carry the knowledge you shared with me and it is amazing. I’m very lucky to have worked with such an educated coach and I strongly recommend this company. I would give more stars if I could!


I can't write enough about this place! Michele and Randy are two amazing, positive people who show never ending love and support for every client that walks through the door...doing a show or not. My amazing nutritionist Rebecca is always motivating and supporting me with weekly check-ins and talks about nutrition. The entire REV family has changed my life and I love that I am a part of this team!


I LOVE Revolutionize!! Lauren was so full of knowledge and just always a pleasure to see every week. I learned so much about my body, nutrition and learning how to eat. I have always been a yo-yo dieter and never lost weight. With Rev I learned that I was not eating enough or the right foods. I not only lost weight but lost body fat while in menopause which is probably one of the biggest challenges I had to face but with patience and believing the process anything is possible!! Do yourself a favor and join NOW!!!


Wether you are a competitor or just looking to better your eating habits and lifestyle, you wont get any better than Revolutionize!

Mike - Owner, Rock Out Loud

Last October I signed up to work with a Nutritionist. I had no idea how my life would change. After years of starving myself, fad diets and running 5 miles a day (and not losing a single pound) I decided to call Michele at Revolutionize.
Michele connected me with Lauren White who became my Nutritionist for the next 10 months.
This was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself (and my health). There was no more starving myself, no more fad diets, it was just understanding and following a nutrition plan based on my body.
I was measured and evaluated. Within 30 minutes I had a meal plan and set goals with Lauren.

At 50 years old, I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life. And after all I’ve tried I could also say I could have never done it on my own. And I should also mention all of my previous ailments are gone!

Thank you so much Lauren! I’m looking forward to my maintenance now!


We appreciate your facebook and google reviews! As always, we want to provide the best service we can. Contact us if you have any tips. We want to hear from you!

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