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Social Media vs Real Life

Social media is not real life…

Written by Rev Nutritionist, Rebecca Desousa

You can’t believe everything you see on social media.

-When we see people on social media and they are posting how happy they are, and they are living their best life, that does not mean It is true. People lie, especially when it comes to happiness.

-No one’s life is perfect so stop comparing yours to someone else’s on social media just because someone is posting that they are in Europe, got engaged, or lost that 30 pounds, doesn’t mean your life sucks more than theirs, everyone has their own problems from time to time so focus on your own life and bettering you!

-Don’t let other people’s success bring you down we should be cheering each other on, we are all in this life together and if it is bringing you down and you are wallowing about it then maybe you should not follow that account if it is not in your best interest. Success should motivate you to want to succeed too.

-As humans, it is natural to want instant gratification and for social medias case that is to get “likes.” Many people become obsessed with getting likes that if they don’t get enough they will take down the post. If you think likes are a reflection on how many people like you than you need to reevaluate your real life and step out of your fictional social media one.

How can we start making some changes and stop being so obsessed?

-Start paying attention when you mindlessly open your social media apps. Be more mindful of the time you spend browsing.

-Turn off social media notifications. This will allow you to choose when you want to check your feeds instead of looking at them every time your phone buzzes with a notification.

-Put your phone away when you are out with a friend and really enjoy being in the moment with someone else.

-Remind yourself often that what you see online is not how you should define yourself in real life and you should not value yourself from social media post. Self-love does not come from there it comes from the real world and within you, not likes.

“Self esteem starts inside and radiates outward, not the other way around” – Essena O’Neill



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