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"I Want to Lose Weight, But I Don't Want to Cook"

As nutritionists, we are always going to advise you to choose the freshest ingredients and foods to eat on a daily basis to feel your BEST. However, sometimes our schedules don't allow for our originally planned meal prep. Sometimes, we choose to prioritize doing something else with our spare time. Sometimes we want the most SIMPLE solutions, meals, and snacks, to be readily available to us. Sometimes we don't have access to a stove top. Sometimes it is as simple as, you just don't want to cook. I can list off tons of reasons why we may not be able to complete our meal prep. However, there ARE solutions to this problem.

You CAN still meet your fat loss goals. But you still need STRUCTURE. The foods listed below aren't magic, however, eating the correct amount of macronutrients and calories for your goals using these convenient food sources, can help you achieve the results you desire. I recommend using a meal prep company to help as well. You don’t have to purchase EVERY meal from a prep company. However, having a few spares in the fridge for emergencies, or atleast getting your proteins through them, and then making your own veggie / rice steamer bags on the side, can be extremely helpful!

We recommend meal prep company Eat Clean Bro, and you can save some money with promo code “REV10” !

Below is a list of my go-to foods divided by primary macronutrient 👇


  • Frozen veggie steamer bags

  • Rice steamer bags

  • Oatmeal

  • Bagged salads with light dressing (dressing and toppings not included). I prefer making my own dressing with a mustard base and avoid added oils.

  • Chopped veggies

  • Fresh or frozen berries and other favorite fruits

  • Microwave potato / sweet potato


  • Rotisserie chicken breast

  • Plain Greek yogurt (fat free to full fat depending on your goals)

  • Cottage cheese (fat free to full fat depending on your goals)

  • Canned tuna in water, tuna packets

  • Canned chicken

  • Hardboiled egg whites

  • Grocery store grab-and-go rotisserie chicken or London broil

  • Fresh, low sodium turkey or chicken breast or lean roast beef. I recommend higher quality meats from the deli. Some packaged cold cuts are extremely poor quality and are loaded with nonsense ingredients.

  • Shrimp cocktail

  • Apollon Nutrition Protein Powder promo code “Rev” to save some monies on your online orders, or pick up at our store! You can make shakes, pancakes, waffles, pudding, mix in to your cereal milk/cottage cheese/greek yogurt, etc!

Fats: these are always easy to get

  • Hard boiled eggs (whole egg for fats)

  • Oils

  • Butters

  • Avocado

  • Nuts and nut butters

Honorable mention snacks:

  • Sugar free jello

  • Protein Bars and Brownies -available in our store front

  • Quest protein chips - available in our storefront

  • Mighty Muffins - available in our storefront

If you would like additional help, suggestions, a structured nutrition and/or training plan, regular check ins and support system, check out our services at ! We would love to schedule you for a complimentary initial consultation and Fit3D scan to help you get moving towards your health, fitness, and body composition goals. Don't live locally? No problem! We work with members virtually all around the world! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Michele Frankel

Owner of RevolutioniZe Nutrition

B.S. Health and Exercise Science

Athletic Nutrition and Training Specialist


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