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Transform Your Life: Why You Should Start Your Nutrition Program at Revolutionize Nutrition

Embarking on a journey to better health and well-being often begins with a conscious decision to improve your nutrition. Whether you're looking to lose weight, gain muscle, boost energy, or simply feel better overall, the right nutrition program can make a significant difference. Revolutionize Nutrition is an excellent choice for individuals seeking professional guidance and support on their path to a healthier lifestyle. In this blog, we'll explore the compelling reasons why you should consider starting your nutrition program at Revolutionize Nutrition.

  1. Personalized Nutrition Plans

One of the key advantages of choosing Revolutionize Nutrition is our commitment to personalized nutrition plans. Cookie-cutter diets rarely yield sustainable results because each person's body is unique, with different needs, preferences, and goals. Extreme dieting approaches will inevitably lead to "failure", rebounds, malnutrition, binges, and an unhealthy relationship with food. At Revolutionize Nutrition, our experienced nutritionists work closely with clients to create customized plans tailored to their specific needs and objectives. This ensures that you receive the right balance of nutrients and calories to achieve your goals effectively.

2. Expert Guidance and Support

Starting a nutrition program on your own can be daunting, and without the proper guidance, it's easy to make mistakes that hinder your progress. Revolutionize Nutrition offers access to a team of experts who are passionate about helping you succeed. Our knowledge and experience empower you to make informed choices about your diet and ensure that you stay on track, even when faced with challenges.

3. Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

Quick-fix diets often promise rapid "weight loss" (not so much fat loss) but rarely lead to long-term success. Revolutionize Nutrition emphasizes sustainable lifestyle changes that enable you to maintain your progress for the rest of your life. Our nutrition programs focus on education, teaching you valuable skills and habits that empower you to make healthier choices consistently.

4. Overall Health and Longevity for ALL lifestyles and physical activity levels.

Revolutionize Nutrition recognizes that good health extends beyond just what you eat. Our science based, balanced approach, takes into account various aspects of your life, including stress, sleep, physical activity, and emotional well-being. By addressing these factors, we help you achieve a well-rounded, healthier lifestyle that goes beyond the scale. This goes for ALL lifestyles. We currently work with members of all ages from 15 - 103! Clients activity levels range from being completely sedentary and inactive, to your average gym goer, to elite, professional, and Olympic athletes!

5. Accountability and Motivation

Staying motivated and accountable on your own can be challenging. Heck, even COACHES HAVE COACHES! Revolutionize Nutrition provides ongoing support and accountability to keep you on the right track. Regular weekly check-ins, either in person or via our virtual services, progress tracking, and expert advice help you stay motivated and committed to your goals. You have access to constant contact with us and can reach out any time! You do not have to live locally to our offices. We work with members all around the world! It is our mission to make sure you succeed, and we do all we can within our power to make sure you reach your goals!

6. Inclusivity

Revolutionize Nutrition welcomes individuals of all walks of life. We are an extremely welcoming, diverse, and inclusive community. No matter your preferences, or lifestyle, we all have this one very important goal in common: to better our health, and succeed in a positive environment!

7. Healthier Relationship with Food

Many people struggle with their relationship with food, which can lead to overeating, emotional eating, or restrictive diets. Revolutionize Nutrition aims to transform your relationship with food by promoting a positive, balanced approach. We stear away from using terms such as "good food" and "bad food", and rather teach the purpose of different foods, what they are composed of, and how you can benefit from all different types of foods. We teach you how to enjoy food without guilt and make choices that align with your health and well-being. Let's be real.... sometimes, that means eating the cookie or having the ice cream ;)

8. Variety and Delicious Meals

One common misconception about healthy eating is that it's bland and boring. At Revolutionize Nutrition, you'll discover a world of delicious, nutritious meals that cater to your taste buds. Our THREE DIFFERENT COOKBOOKS offer a variety of original REV recipes PACKED with flavor, making it easier to stick to your nutrition program without feeling deprived.

Check them out below!


Sometimes, we want our members to succeed more than THEY want to succeed. When we tell you that your success and happiness is our number one priority, WE MEAN IT! We will stick by your side every step of the way until you reach the goals you have set for yourself, and we WILL GET THERE TOGETHER! Whether your goal is to reach certain health markers with your doctor, fat loss, muscle gain, performance goals, to be able to bend down to tie your shoes, to run with your children or grandkids, to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without feeling winded, to compete as a bodybuilder or powerlifter, to advance in your professional athletic career, to feel confident in your own skin, to wear a new outfit comfortably, WE GOT YOU!

Beginning your new nutrition program is a significant step towards a healthier, happier life. Choosing Revolutionize Nutrition as your partner in this journey provides you with the tools, guidance, and support needed to succeed. From personalized nutrition plans to expert guidance and a science based, flexible approach to health, Revolutionize Nutrition offers everything you need to transform your life through better nutrition. Don't wait any longer—start your nutrition program at Revolutionize Nutrition and take the first step towards a healthier you. Your body will thank you for it!

Email us at or call our office at 732-462-5326 to schedule your complimentary initial consultation and Fit3D Scan with one of our expert nutritionists! Don't live locally? No sweat! We can work with you virtually as well :)

We look forward to chatting and working with you soon!


Michele Zandman - Frankel

Owner of Revolutionize Nutrition

IFBB Pro, Health and Exercise Science and Athletic Nutrition


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