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Stop Labeling Food as "Good" or "Bad"

Why we need to stop labeling food as “good” or bad”

Written by Rev Nutritionist, Rebecca Desousa

When we label food, we sacrifice the chance of having a healthy relationship with food. Food is the very thing that nourishes our bodies, so it is time to stop being cruel to our bodies & minds.

The culture we live in has labeled some of the very foods we eat so it can be challenging. I am sure you have heard things like “Sugar is so bad for you”, “keto is the only way”, or “you must eat clean”, etc….

In this industry, it is always something new! The way we talk about food and ours bodies shows how backwards our perspective on food has become and we need to get back to appreciating what our bodies can do and fueling them properly.

If you find yourself saying “I was so bad this week” or because you had some cookies you were “bad,” sit back and think what “bad” might mean. Did you steal from someone? Did you break a leg? Did you hit someone? See where I am going. These are things we would label bad and yet we use this in reference with the food we choose to put in our bodies.

For many people the "black and white" thinking, also known as "all or nothing" , may be a good thing…at first. But what happens when a “bad” food is eaten? There is usually a tremendous amount of negativity that follows. Usually guilt, shame, or embarrassment. This may lead us down a path that is more detrimental to us and hurt our relationship with food and our bodies.

Food is supposed to be nourishing and pleasurable. You should not feel tormented and avoid gatherings or getting snacks with kids because it is “bad.” I believe finding a healthy balance and enjoying life is very doable. You should take care of your mental health just as much as your physical health! So, aiming for a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationship will benefit you and those around you!

Start to listen to your body and make decisions based on things you like, want and crave! That doesn’t mean go all or nothing in either direction BUT moderation is key. Stop depriving yourself from the foods you like and find a good balance.

It is not what we eat that defines our character or worth!

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