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Realistic Topics You Will Deal With When You Lose Fat/Weight

Realistic topics you will deal with when you lose fat/weight:

Written by Rev Nutritionist, Rebecca Desousa

1. You’ll still live in your old body

When some people lose fat (whether it is a pant size or 5 pant sizes), they get stuck in their old bodies’ mindset. They have incorporated being heavier in their self-image. While other people may be able to see how much your body has changed, it may be more difficult for you to notice your progress. Remember you live and see your body every day. It is important to develop a new image of yourself so you can appreciate your hard work and maintain your results as you lose fat and buy smaller sizes that fit you! In your mind, you may still think you are larger but your body says differently, trust it. Keep one older article of clothing and you can try it on in the future to see how many inches you have lost and you can just see how much bigger it gets on you, hence why you need a smaller size! It also helps taking progress pictures so you can visually see the changes! Unless you develop your “new image”, you will still have those “fat tendencies” and “negative body image” that you no longer need! Take the time to appreciate how much work you’ve put into your new body. Don’t sabotage yourself.

2. People will always have something to say good or bad

People will always make comments, it's just part of life. Whether their intentions are good or bad, do not let them get to you. Not everyone is going to be supportive and there may be some even trying to sabotage you. Be sure to surround yourself with positive influences as much as possible. You may hear things like “you are getting too skinny” or “oh you can’t eat that right?” Don’t take it personally. It is their own insecurities coming out on you. Just respond with “Thank you, I have everything under control.” You can’t control what others say or do but you can control how you react in these situations! At the end of the day this is your life and your choices, not anyone else’s.

3. You’re still going to have to work hard

Some people who lose tend to gain the weight back and it is more common than not because people feel their results are not real and won’t last. But if you are talking to yourself that way, what do you think will happen? It can be as simple as changing your mindset. Your mind is a powerful tool, or a powerful enemy, it just depends on how you choose to use it.

Losing can be hard, but maintaining is a whole different challenge. You must change your lifestyle and continue to eat well enough to maintain a healthy balance. Identify what you need to do to be able to maintain. If you find yourself slipping, get right back on! You are capable of being the best you can be, both physically and mentally, wherever that may be.

Losing fat is not just “eat this, not that”, it is the psychological part we need to understand. Remember you are human and emotions are valid, so don’t beat yourself up. This is a journey, a lifestyle, and there is no end game. It is important to develop a healthy relationship with food and yourself. Keep yourself grounded and remember the “why” in why you started this journey.



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