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New Year's Resolutions and Strategic Goal Setting!

Written by: Michele Zandman - Frankel

Owner of RevolutioniZe Nutrition, Health and Exercise Science

Nutritionist, IFBB/NPC Prep Coach, IFBB Pro

Did you know that according to the U.S. News and World Report, 80% of New Year's Resolutions fail by February? The leading reasons to this high failure rate are as follows:

Your goals aren't clear. You don't enjoy the process. You aren't setting realistic goals. You use extreme tactics that are unsustainable leading to burnout, malnourishment and overall poor health. You overwhelm yourself. You don't have a support system. You're not ready to change, or are feeling pressured to change. You are relying too much on "motivation" and not developing an action plan to follow on the days you aren't motivated or are stressed. You are fixated on the end result and not the steps it takes to get there. Your are impatient.

Do NOT cave in to these common nutrition and fitness related New Year's resolution mistakes:

  1. Focus solely on the scale

  2. Eating too many or too few calories

  3. Extreme exercise

  4. Not taking time to rest and recover

  5. Cutting out a macronutrient completely

  6. Cutting out foods you love completely

  7. Overestimate how many calories you burn while exercising

  8. Have unrealistic expectations

  9. Guestimating for every meal

  10. Not eating whole foods and relying on supplements and packaged food

  11. Not coping with failure, stress, or obstacles

  12. Fads, pills, cleanses, detoxes, absurd fasting

What are steps you can take to be most successful in 2022?

1.Develop desire - What do I really want, and how much do I want it?

2. Develop belief - Body and mind need to get on board with your goal. Make sure goals are realistic. Short term goals lead to long term goals.

3. Write the plan down, clearly in detail.

Make a list of the ways you will benefit from this goal. You have your “what”, now start developing your “why”. Your motivation is fueled by your motives. The more reasons you have, the more motivated you will be.

4. Analyze your position. Where are you now? Fitness assessment. Before pictures. The clearer you are about where you are coming from, and where you are going, the more likely it is you will end up where you want to be.

5. Make a list of obstacles that stand between you and accomplishing your goal. Be honest about major and minor obstacles.

6. Identify the information - Know what you NEED to accomplish your goal. Have all of the correct information and resources ready for you.

7. Support System - Make a list of people whose support you will require. Spouse and family, co-oworkers, employees/employers, etc

8. Make a plan - a list of activities and responsibilities organized by time and priority.

9. Visualize and Implement

How to Stay Motivated?

What is your "WHY"? Write down all of the reasons as to why you have set your mind on this goal. And ask yourself why 3 more times. There is always a deeper reasoning as to why you want to achieve this specific goal. Tap in to the deeper reasoning behind it, and it can help tremendously.

Tackle attainable, short term goals. Accomplish them, and let that accomplishment build your confidence to hit the next goal, and the next, and so forth. Build your momentum. Celebrate your victories!

Have realistic expectations.

Unrealistic goals will have you frustrated. Setting up short term, realistic goals, will have you feeling accomplished and motivated for what's next.

Focus on Process Goals, Not Outcome Goals.

Don't solely focus on the final product. You need to accomplish short term goals within the process. Focus on actions that will help you achieve that final goal. Understand that success is NOT linear. There will be highs and lows, but its all part of the process. Most will give up when things are difficult, or when life throws unexpected stressors your way. If you fall off track, you get right back on, sooner than later! If you are an all or nothing thinker, this can be DANGEROUS. Understand that 80% is GREAT. Understand that NO ONE is 100% on track all of the time. But if you put in 0% effort, don't expect any results to magically show.

Create SMART Goals.

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Based.

If you don't visualize specific goals, and create an action plan to attain them, odds are, you won't achieve them.

Some other tips to keep in mind for the New Year:

1. Stop comparing yourself to others.

2. Find and partake in exercise and physical activity that you ENJOY.

3. Plan for challenges and set backs. Always have a back up plan for your day. When you are stressed, take a step back, analyze the situation, and talk yourself through your next steps and how you will handle the situation.

4. Get rid of your self sabotaging ways. Speak to us or a professional who can help you! You deserve to be successful!

5. Remember what we discuss about scale fluctuations and all of the things that cause them. DO NOT allow scale fluctuations to make you forfeit.

6. Make a commitment - sign up for a race, a competition, a photoshoot, a powerlifting meet, a tournament, etc.

7. Track your food intake and be honest with yourself. Hold yourself accountable.

8. Utilize our services at RevolutioniZe Nutrition. REACH OUT if you are struggling. REACH OUT if you would like to share and celebrate one of your non scale victories. REACH OUT if you hit a new PR in the gym. REACH OUT if you have moved closer to your goal. REACH OUT if you have questions or need suggestions.


There will be struggles. There will be frustration. There will be moments of “failure.” Consider those learning experiences, and not a reason to deviate from your plan.

The most successful people have failed numerous times. But they were resilient, persistent and kept pushing forward! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

If you are interested in getting back on track or working with us for the first time, reach out to us at and check us out at . We will offer you a complimentary initial consultation and Fit3D scan, and would LOVE to work one on one with you to help you FINALLY reach your health and fitness goals in 2022!!!

Make a promise to yourself, that you will prioritize your health this year, and you won't give up on yourself!

Happy New Year, Rev Fam!!! Let's make this a GREAT YEAR!

Michele Zandman - Frankel



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