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Myth Busters: Common Myths in the Nutrition Industry

Some fat loss myths that we want you to forget:

Written by Rev Nutritionist, Rebecca Desousa

I can go into details about each topic but basically here are some myths that you may hear out there that you shouldn’t believe.

  1. Myth: White foods lack nutrition

    1. There is no reason to ban white potatoes, white beans, parsnips, white rice, etc. they are packed with nutritional benefits like fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. It is more how you cook them like any food really. If you fry them with oil then yes, they won’t be as healthy as if you steam or bake them.

  2. Myth: Always eat 5-6 mini meals per day

    1. Eat what is best for your schedule. If you hit your macro-nutrient allowance for the day you are fine. Meal timing is beneficial not so much for fat loss, but more for keeping your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day, and keeping you satiated.

  3. Myth: You should eat every 2-3 hours

    1. Again spread out your day according to your schedule as long as you hit your macro-nutrients for the day and you are satisfied it does not matter when you are eating your meals. Learn what works best FOR YOU!!

  4. Myth: Don’t drink water with meals

    1. These claims say drinking water dilutes digestive juices and is bad for digestion…that is false. Water can help with digestion and breaking down the food.

  5. Myth: Never eat protein and carbs together

    1. There is NO evidence for this one that shows digestion is better or worse either way or the if there are benefits to eating them separately.

  6. Myth: Gluten free foods are healthier

    1. Unless you have a gluten allergy or intolerance there is no reason you need to limit your food to gluten-free. Also, just because foods are gluten-free does not mean they are calorie-free. Most gluten-free foods actually have more calories and less nutrients. Whole grains have important sources of dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals that help support a digestive system.

  7. Myth: Drink hot lemon water in the morning for better digestion

    1. This won’t help or harm you but there is very little science behind this. Not enough evidence to prove it really does anything for you.

  8. Myth: Your body can’t utilize more than 30 grams of protein per meal

    1. It is highly unlikely for excess protein to convert to fat!! If you want to maximize muscle growth and recovery you need to minimize muscle breakdown and increase protein synthesis!! I am not saying eat ALL the protein, because it still has a caloric value. But, you can certainly utilize more than 30 grams of protein at one time.

  9. Myth: Cooking protein changes its biological value

    1. NOPE. A well-done burger has the same values as a rare one. Your body will absorb the same amount of amino acids from the protein whether it is cooked or not.

  10. Myth: You must consume protein immediately after your workouts

    1. The so called “anabolic window” was once thought to only open for 30-60 minutes after your workout but we now know it is much longer than that and it doesn’t matter how much protein you have after your workout just as long as you eat a certain amount of protein throughout the day.

  11. Myth: Carbs at night will make you fat

    1. No, carbs at night won’t make you fat…. eating too many calories a day is what the problem is.

  12. Myth: Eating fat makes you fat

    1. The more fat we eat, the more fat we store on our body…seems right but not the truth AT ALL. The reality is that fat is not the enemy and your body needs a certain amount of fat to function optimally. Overconsumption of calories in general is again what causes weight/fat gain.



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