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How to Support Someone Following a Nutrition Plan

Changing behaviors, patterns and partaking in a healthier lifestyle can be challenging at first. Having a solid support system is crucial in our success. Here are ways you can support someone who is trying to establish a healthier lifestyle, or is following a nutrition plan.

How to support someone who is following a nutrition plan:

  1. Don’t pressure them to eat food they don’t want: Don’t pressure them to eat food they don’t want, and don’t be offended if they don’t accept your offering of food. They made a decision, please be respectful of it.

  2. Be respectful of their goals: Just because you do not share the same goals, doesn’t mean theirs is not valid or worthy.

  3. Don’t pressure them to drink alcohol: Drinking alcohol is so “normalized” that choosing to be sober can actually feel alienating. If they say no, do not be offended, and do not make comments to make them feel bad for their decision.

  4. Don’t make negative remarks about their body: Instead of commenting on their body, you can support their mindset, commitment and work ethic. Saying things like “don’t get too skinny” is not helpful or constructive.

  5. Don’t offer unsolicited advice: You may think you are helping and can have the best intentions, but it can be more damaging, confusing, conflicting, restrictive, and maybe even annoying. They have a plan. Let them follow it. Let them come to you for advice if they need it.

  6. Celebrate their success: Be supportive of them reaching milestones or succeeding in small goals. They want to know they have someone they can share and celebrate these victories with.

  7. Support them during tough times: Be there for them if they struggle or need to vent. Encourage them and remind them of their “why.” A few kind words and positivity go a long way!

  8. Be inclusive or join in: Just because they are changing their habits, doesn’t mean you have to. But if you’d like, join them in some meal prep fun, or try new recipes and creations with them. When dining out, choose restaurants that have some healthy, trackable options on the menu. Partake in activities that don’t revolve around food: massages, mani/pedi, bowling, mini golf, museums, etc.

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