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How to Set Healthy Goals

How to set goals in a healthy way:

Written by Rev Nutritionist, Rebecca Desousa

1. Know the difference between inner and outer goals

  • Outer goals are achievements that appear successful to the outside world. They might fit into a cultural ideal to please others or simply be perceived as good by those around you.

  • Inner goals focus more on how you want to feel and what you want to achieve, regardless of the outside world.

  • Sometimes these goals align but your inner goals should be your focus because this is your life and you should worry about what makes you happy, not the people around you. You should be working on goals that are going to make you excited.

2. Embrace A “Less is More” Mentality

  • The longer the list of goals the more stressful and panic it may cause! When you set out like this you are biting off way more than you can chew and that will eventually cause you to burn out. So, narrow down the list and focus on the couple of things that are essential for you and excite you.

  • Also, don’t freak out if it doesn’t always go as planned and don’t over goal yourself that you lose opportunity to create a flow that allows you create something authentically yours.

3. Realize its progress, not perfection

  • Perfection undermines us in so many ways and sometimes it stops us from even getting started in the first place, because the idea of having to be perfect is so daunting and panic inducing that we feel like why bother trying. When your goal setting is about progress not perfection we add joy and discovery to our journey.

4. Give yourself time

  • Time constraints can cause a lot of pressure and anxiety and if we have too much to do with too little time we often start stealing time from other areas like sleep or self-care and that is never good for our well-being. It is important to be realistic in our goal setting and give ourselves the time and space we need to feel safe and secure enough to achieve them.

5. It is OK to change your mind

  • You may find yourself halfway through the goal and feeling unfulfilled, don’t panic! Reflect on what you accomplished so far and what you had set out to do in the first place. If the goal no longer aligns with your path, don’t be afraid to LET IT GO! Sometimes we outgrow things and that’s ok. Don’t be afraid to walk away from something that no longer serves you. There are new adventures always waiting for you around the corner !



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