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Healthy Snacking for Students

Classes are back in session, and the kids are going back to college! A common question we are asked at REVOLUTIONIZE NUTRITION this time of the year is "What are some healthy snacks my kid can keep in their dorm room/bring to school?"

Well, we have some great recommendations for you! Here is a list we compiled of healthy snacks, many of which are higher in protein. It's easy for many of us to hit our carb and fat intake. Reaching our protein intake can be a bit more challenging. Hence, the high protein options we listed. Not only does having the correct amount of protein in your diet aid in your muscle recovery, but protein is also slow digesting, helping to keep you feeling satiated and fuller longer! Feeling satisfied through the day, having a properly balanced diet, staying hydrated, and stabilizing blood sugar levels, will also assist cognitive functioning, sustain your energy levels, promote focus and productivity during those long school days, as well as support optimal recovery with a healthy sleep cycle.

Here are some of our top snack picks:

Plain non fat Greek yogurt with fresh fruit

Cottage cheese Deli turkey, chicken, or ham roll ups

"Grab and Go" rotisserie chicken or turkey breast, or sliced London broil Protein bars- Robert Irvine Fitcrunch, Barebells, Built, One, Pure Protein (available at Rev) Protein drinks- Fairlife, Quest, Premier Protein, Corepower Protein powder - Apollon Nutriton Available at the Revolutionize Nutrition storefront or online with promo code "APOLLONSTRONG" . Use this discount link! Quest protein chips (available at Rev) Pure Protein puffs Pure Protein cheesy crackers Mighty Muffins (available at Rev) Eat Me Guilt Free brownies (available at Rev) Premier Protein cereal Magic Spoon cereal Catalina Crunch cereal Hard boiled eggs The Better Bagel Beef jerky/turkey jerky Chicken/tuna creations packets Reduced fat string cheese Rice cakes 100 calorie bag popcorn Low-carb Tumaros wrap Joseph’s Lavash bread Sugar free jello Sliced vegetables Fruit 100 cal frozen edamame (microwavable)

Oatmeal packets with protein powder

Wishing the students of all grades, a successful and HEALTHY school year! Remember to take care of your health, and recognize the positive effects a healthy lifestyle has on your school performance, and grades. Nourish, stay active, and recover!


If you are a student, or a parent of a student you wants to work on building a healthy lifestyle and habits together, contact REVOLUTIONIZE NUTRITION at and one of our receptionists will be happy to schedule you for your complimentary initial consultation and Fit3D scan with one of our incredible nutritionists! Remember, you do NOT have to live locally! We work with students and members all around the world utilizing our virtual services!

We look forward to chatting with you :)


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