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Busy People Still Make it Work!

Busy People Still Make it Work!

Written by Rev Nutritionist, Lauren White

When someone says they don’t have time to do something, they are really saying they don’t value it as much as the other things they are doing. You must find something that fits your lifestyle and is enjoyable to you, so you can stick to it instead of finding excuses not to do them. Most people’s excuses are, "I just can’t workout or eat healthy, I am too busy all the time" and I get it, we have busy lives with kids, work, etc. While it may seem impossible to fit some type of workout in, you can probably get your heart pumping a few times a week if you really made the time and we can plan out weekly meals to make life easier too.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. 10 minutes are better than none! If you have 10 minutes to do some type of workout DO IT…take a walk, do jumping jacks, bust out some squats, etc. It is better than you just sitting there doing nothing. Don’t think 10 minutes of any movement is pointless because it is not!! Get moving!!

  2. Skip social media. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media use that time to either workout, cook some meals, track your food, etc. We waste so much time scrolling on social media when we can be using that time efficiently somewhere else!

  3. Take a walk! If you can take a walk at lunchtime at work, it will give you a mental break and it will help you focus more.

  4. Use the stairs and park farther away to get some more steps in!

  5. Analyze your daily activities and see where you can intensify your activities! For example, while cleaning put on some jams and dance, while making your coffee drop into some squats, instead of walking to the bus stop power walk, etc.! Make little changes throughout your day to amp up your activity level.

  6. Buy convenient foods like steamed veggies for the microwave, steamed rice to put in the microwave, rotisseries chicken, yogurts, string cheese, jerky, and more. And track your foods the night before so the next day you just have to worry about eating the foods already packed and tracked for you!

Don’t make things more difficult than they must be. Make time for things that are important to you simple as that. You must make changes to be able to see changes. Just because you go to a nutritionist does not mean that you are going to lose fat/weight because you must put some work in and make time for other things as well and telling us your excuses is only hurting yourself! Let’s get to work. If it is a priority to you, you will make the time!



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