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Breaking the Yo-Yo Diet Cycle

Breaking the Yo-Yo Diet Cycle

Written by Rev Nutritionist, Lauren White

When it comes to losing fat, you secretly may be your own worst enemy. Accomplishing any goal requires a focused mind that is focused on the desired end. The choice is ultimately up to you to let your mind sabotage your efforts or let it help you with better eating habits and healthier lifestyle changes. If you’ve been on the battle of yo-yo dieting it is time to break the psychological cycle that is holding you back from accomplishing your goals!

7 steps to break the cycle:

1. Stop depriving yourself! Diets that deprive you from what you can eat often arouse binge eating and are unrealistic to sustain long-term. The more someone tells you you cannot have something, the more you want it. So instead of eliminating the food completely, allow yourself some treats and make it work into your macronutrient allowance or use it for your treat meal. Depriving yourself for too long and then snapping and realizing you cannot take it anymore can be a very dangerous binge waiting to happen…

2. Plan ahead! The best way to not make slip-ups is by pre-planning. Always go into the day with a plan whether it is a normal work day or if you have a BBQ to go to, plan out how you want it to go. Track your day ahead of time and if you need to make some adjustments throughout the day you can, but it is always good to have a base plan to go off of.

3. Set realistic goals. To avoid stress, frustration and overall failure stop setting unrealistic goals for yourself. You didn’t get to this point overnight and it will take time to gradually lose the weight as well. Slow but steady is the best approach! My best tip is having an image in mind NOT a number.

4. Choose healthy outlets for emotions…instead taking your emotions out on food phone a friend, take a walk, read a book, workout, etc. Get in tune with your emotions and be mindful with why you want to eat or why you are craving certain foods. Try to do things that are not surrounded by food.

5. Stop harboring hurts! Work through your issues that are upsetting you don’t let it eat you up inside! Talk to a friend. Don’t let the past or old wounds or patterns affect you and your relationship with food.

6. Remind yourself why you are doing this! Sometimes we need to sit back and remember why we are dieting in the first place. Is it to feel better about yourself? More energy? Alleviate health problems or increase self-esteem? Keep your goal in mind and don’t lose track of who you are along your journey.

7. Use your mind to break the cycle!! I know crazy but you can do it!! It is all in YOUR mind. The power to lose fat rests with you. You can get the tools but it is ultimately up to you to use the tools and actively use them. Believe you can succeed and you will succeed. You have to be confident, patient and consistent! Start turning all your negative self-talk into positive affirmations…that is the best way to break the cycle!! Think positive, instead of saying “Ugh I look so fat, look at that belly” think “Yes my belly has some fat but it will not always be there if I stick to my plan and be patient.”

Keep your goal in mind and have realistic goals in mind. It is all within reach if you set your mind to it. Stay positive, hit your nutrient goals every day, be consistent and most importantly be patient. You have the tools, now it is time to work and make some changes….



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