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Are You Setting Yourself Up For Failure?

How you are setting yourself up for failure:

Written by Rev Nutritionist, Rebecca Desousa

  1. Setting unrealistic goals for yourself. The biggest mistake made is setting up goals that are too big and unrealistic and then getting frustrated with yourself causing you to give up. Stop shooting for 5 pounds a week. Instead shoot for being down in general because a loss is a loss and if you see things moving in the right direction you should be happy about your progress! We always want more but we can’t always get what we want 😊 Accomplishing small goals will lead us to accomplishing large goals.

  2. Not tracking everything you consume. Account for bites, licks and tastes (BLT). Everything you eat has a caloric value. And those little BLTs ADD UP and can put you in a caloric maintenance or even a surplus zone.

  3. Inconsistent with your macro-nutrients and skipping days of tracking! If you are skipping days of tracking and not hitting your macros consistently we are unable to really see how your progress is going! If your carbs are 120g one day and 200g the next, then expect fluctuations on the scale. We don’t calculate and provide numbers for you not to follow. There is a reason we give you specific amounts of protein, fats & carbs. To truly see fat loss consistently you need to hit your numbers, simple as that.

  4. Not coming into your appointments. You are only hurting yourself when you skip/cancel your appointments. Make your appointments ahead of time to make sure you get the time/day you prefer, but make sure you come into those appointments! We fill up very quickly and the time you spend here is valuable, so make sure you get in for your appointment! We can always change to a virtual follow up via phone call, face time, or zoom, if you don't have the time to travel in to the office.

  5. Lying to your nutritionist and expecting results! If you lie to your coach/nutritionist about following the program you are not helping yourself AT ALL. Your tracker may be “on point” but your scan will tell all. We come up with these numbers for you for a specific reason and if you are truly following them to a T and they are not working we will make the changes appropriately. However if you are lying about following the program and we make cuts or changes when they are not necessary, it frustrates us because then we think something is wrong when really it is simply lack of consistency. Be truthful. The more we know the more we can help you.

Set realistic goals, plan, track & hit your macros every day, come into your appointments and be honest!

“Life is simple, you get out what you put in”



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