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8 Easy Ways to Stay on Track While on Vacation

8 Easy Ways to Stay On Track While On Vacation

Written by Rev Nutritionist, Lauren White

1.Enjoy the local flavors and experience your travels but try to save super indulgent meals for one or two nights. Other nights there are plenty of options you can choose from that are healthier options like fresh fish, lean protein sources and steamed veggies. Make some better options so you can indulge on some nights as well and enjoy without guilt. Breakfast is the easiest meal to stay on track with and it will allow you to start your day with a great fresh healthy start. Do not deprive yourself of enjoyable foods but practice sensibility and control toward your nutrition.

2.Portion control: Do your best to guesstimate the foods that are in front of you and listen to your body when you are full. Be conscious of how much food you are putting on your plate from the buffet or how much food the restaurant serves you. Remember you do not need to lick your plate clean.

3.Make smart swaps: Getting grilled instead of fried or getting a lighter sauce instead of a creamy one can save calories. Ask for salad dressings on the side and do not be afraid to ask the waiter/waitress for substitutions or swaps for your meals or sides.

4.Don’t Skip meals: Skipping a meal can easily lead to over-eating at the next meal. If you are running around and do not have time to eat make sure you pack snacks to keep your hunger in check and satisfied.

5.Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day! If you are going to drink try to choose cocktails that are not loaded with sugar. Choose light beverages like light beer, vodka or tequila with club soda, diet soda or fresh lemon or lime.

6.Pack workout gear: Bring workout clothes and sneakers so you have no excuses on why you did not get to work out. Make an effort to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine such as walking, playing volleyball or soccer, or getting outdoors and doing some sightseeing.

7.Bring healthy food: Pack protein powder/bars, jerky, quest chips, etc.

8.Enjoy yourself guilt-free: Do not dwell if you feel like you messed up and do not overthink about food. Flexible dieting is about being flexible, remember that! Just try to make the best choices and consider your options throughout the day and go into the vacation prepared. The more prepared you are the less guilty you will feel.

You worked hard to get where you are today and you do not want to throw that all away on vacation. If you try to stay on track as much as possible you will not come home feeling as guilty and it will be easier to get back into routine!!!



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