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7 Reasons To Drink More Water

7 Reasons To Drink More Water

Written by Rev Nutritionist, Kristin Mason

The human body is made up of about 60% water, about 2/3 in the intracellular fluid and 1/3 in the extracellular fluid. It is recommended that adults drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day (8, 8-ounce cups). More would be required for excessive sweating due to high intensity physical activity. But why is water so important?

  1. Drinking water increases satiety, leaving you feeling fuller and less likely to overeat.

  2. Consuming adequate amounts of water prevents dehydration, which is often mistaken for hunger. Signs of dehydration include fatigue, dizziness, confusion, less-frequent urination, and extreme thirst. When you are hydrated, your urine should be clear.

  3. Water maintains the body’s fluid balance, which helps transport nutrients throughout the body, regulate body temperature, and digest food.

  4. Water is required by the kidneys and liver for the removal of toxins from the body. Drinking water when you are retaining water is also important and can help flush out excess sodium.

  5. Water can increase concentration and brain function. Not having enough can lead to headaches, and feelings of moodiness and anxiousness.

  6. Water is needed as fuel for the muscles. During exercise, water is lost through sweat. As little as a 2-3% decrease in body water has been found to negatively affect performance and cardiovascular function.

  7. Adequate water consumption results in better and more restful sleep.

So, grab a gallon for easy tracking! You may be surprised to see how much (or little) you are actually consuming.

Written by: Kristin Mason B.S. Nutrition and Dietetics



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