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4 Things Successful Clients Have In Common

4 Things Successful Clients Have In Common

Written by Rev Nutritionist, Kristin Mason

1. Stay in constant contact

When working with a nutritionist, communication is the key to success. We emphasize constant contact because we want you to be successful! Trust me when I say you are not bothering us, we are here to help you! Utilize us as much as you can, that’s what we are here for. We would much rather you reach out with questions so we can solve any issues right then and there, rather than waiting until your next meeting when it could have easily been answered the moment it came up. We also recommend sending screenshots of your macros to your nutritionist at the end of each day. This will hold you accountable, as well as keep you connected with your nutritionist between weekly meetings.

2. Meet weekly (either via phone or in person)

We schedule weekly meetings for a reason. We want to make sure you are tracking correctly and that you are on track. If you feel like you are struggling, don’t cancel your meeting!!!! THIS IS WHEN YOU NEED TO COME IN THE MOST! We will never yell at you for falling off track. Our job is to help you get back on track, and that is much more difficult if you are not meeting with us. And if you can’t make it in for your appointment for whatever reason, be sure to let your nutritionist know beforehand so you can reschedule.

3. Track everything

Tracking everything is very important because it allows your nutritionist to see what you are eating, in order for us to make any necessary adjustments. We would much rather you track EVERYTHING and not hit your numbers, rather than have your tracking look like you are hitting your numbers. Your body is the ultimate tracker, so just because you didn’t add those four cookies into MFP, doesn’t mean they weren’t added to your body’s tracker. So who are you really fooling?

4. Step out of their comfort zone

Eating from meal templates for the rest of your life is not sustainable, which is why we want you to be making your own food decisions. Fitting a cookie into your day here and there is much more exciting for us to see, rather than seeing that you’re eating the same boring thing every day and not enjoying yourself. We want to see you make real life food decisions, and not restrict yourself from foods you love. It may even take some trial and error, but so what? Just make sure you learn from it and get right back on track.

Written by: Kristin Mason B.S. Nutrition and Dietetics



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