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25 Tips on How to Make Meal Prep Easy and Less Boring

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Written by: Michele Zandman - Frankel

Owner of RevolutioniZe Nutrition, Health and Exercise Science

Nutritionist, IFBB/NPC Prep Coach, IFBB Pro

I remember the first day I ever meal prepped. Let's just say, I have come a long way since then, and have learned many methods to simplify my prep to suit my lifestyle, busy schedule, and personal goals.

Meal prepping can sometimes feel overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be! Here are some suggestions I have to help you with your meal prep, and be most successful in achieving your health, nutrition, and fitness goals:

1. Start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Start off with a few prepped meals, and see which meals you prefer prepped, and which meals you like to cook fresh. I personally have my lunch and dinner prepped, but I find I have time to prepare my breakfast and snacks fresh.

2.Organize: Shopping list, Tupperware (quality storage containers that last OR disposable), food scale, measuring cups/spoons, slow cooker, air fryer, anything you feel makes prep easier. Do what is best for YOU.

3.Keep a well stocked pantry with foods you can use in a crunch - canned chicken, canned tuna, beans, protein pastas, rice, baking essentials. Freezer - frozen veggies, frozen fish, frozen shrimp, frozen protein waffles, chicken, beef.

4. Line your baking sheets with tin foil for easy clean up.

5. Change the flavor of your meals with different spices and seasonings, as well as hot sauces, types of mustards, salsas, etc. The International isle has a different variety of flavor as well! These are all ways to flavor up your meals without adding butters, oils, and high sugar/high fat marinades to your meals, that would rack up the calories.

6. MAKE TIME to plan ahead and meal prep. If it's a priority, you will find time to make it happen. Meal prep does NOT take up a lot of time, and it cooks itself. You do not have to hover over a stove for hours.

7. Use self-cook equipment such as crock pots, slow cookers, air fryers, pressure cookers, etc!

8. Save and store your favorite recipes in My Fitness Pal for easy tracking in the future.

9. ASK FOR HELP. Speak with your nutritionist, or have a friend join you and prep together!

10. Don’t go to the grocery store hungry!

11. Shopping online will help you save time. You can order your groceries to be delivered, or they can be shopped in advance for curbside pick up.

12. Buy in bulk to reduce the amount of grocery store trips.

13. Buy when food items are on sale and FREEZE them for later use.

14. Cook in bulk: rice, veggies, meat, egg white muffins, waffles, pancakes, sweet potato, etc.

15. Use steamer bags for easy veggie and rice prep.

16. Rushing out the door for work in the morning? Prep your breakfast the night before: protein shake, overnight oats, greek yogurt or cottage cheese parfait, egg white muffins or frittatas, etc.

17. Use your freezer and store pre-made meals.

18. Wash and prep fruits and veggies ahead of time.

19. Prep smart, not hard . If time is a factor , for a little extra money, you can get pre cut veggies, pre prepped shredded chicken, beef etc.

20. Keep some emergency cold cuts, prepped meats, plain non fat greek yogurt, cottage cheese, canned tuna/chicken or protein powder in the house for emergency high protein snacks.

21. Make it enjoyable. If you like to eat the same thing every day, that is fine. If you like to change it up, you can also do that.

22. Put some music on! Music is something that is very theraputic to me. I listen to music with my wireless headphones while I grocery shop. I also listen to music in the kitchen while I prep my meals. It makes the entire process more enjoyable.

23. Remember, flexible nutrition teaches you to eat the foods you desire, and not rely solely on a meal template.

24. Trial and error, see what works for you!

25. USE OUR REVOLUTIONIZE COOKBOOKS! Both Volume 1 , Volume 2 , and Volume 3 are available for purchase in our storefront or online. Click the links in this section!

Eat Clean Bro: You can also utilize a meal prep company and delivery service. I personally use Eat Clean Bro, and order a few simple foods off their a la carte menu. I recommend sticking to the a la carte menu items for the most accurate nutrition facts, and then measure and separate your meals from there. You can use our promo code "REV10" to save money on all of your orders!

Happy prepping, everyone!!!



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