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10 Tips to Save Money Grocery Shopping

**Video is not rated "PG" (lol) but had us cracking up!

Can you relate? 😂

Grocery shopping and preparing your meals is still more affordable than ordering out and DoorDash. Here are some of our top grocery shopping tips to help you save money!

1. Purchase your groceries in bulk while they are on sale, and freeze what you don’t plan to use within the week.

2. Scope out your supermarket sales and use coupons.

3. Get a supermarket rewards card or membership, such as a ShopRite card, and earn additional savings at check out when you enter your rewards number or phone number.

4. Check out the refrigerator near the checkout line. Often times they have a lot of really great produce and meats that are marked down in price as they approach they’re “use by” date.

5. Instacart and grocery delivery apps are wonderful to save time, but keep in mind that they mark up the price of a lot of products on those apps. Plus any fees and tips. Don't get me wrong, sometimes these apps are worth it to save you time and stress.

6. Never go grocery shopping hungry. You’ll end up loading your cart up with a lot more items than you need.

7. Buy the generic or store brand products. Same ingredients, same product, BIG difference in price.

8. Go with a plan and a list. Stick to it!

9. Shop at discount or more affordable grocery stores. Aldi's has been a top recommendation from clients. Walmart also has great deals. In addition, check out a farmers market for some fresh produce.

10. Go grocery shopping alone or without the kids if possible.

If you have more tips you care to share, send them our way!

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