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10 Excuses you need to Stop Using

10 Excuses you Need to Stop Using when it comes to Starting your Fat Loss Journey

Written by Rev Nutritionist, Rebecca Desousa

1. “Eating healthy is too expensive” ○ Try to buy in bulk and prep ahead of time and make use of all the items you buy this way it does not go to waste! Some ideas under or around a dollar are eggs, avocado, an apple, bag of frozen vegetables, bananas. **Prepping is key**. Also, buy the food when it is on SALE. Freeze whatever you can.

2. "I don’t have time” ○ This is an excuse we hear often...We get it everyone is busy, everyone has a life. But if you want something bad enough you will MAKE time. Schedule your workouts and meals so you know what day and time you are doing it and it will limit your excuses!

3. "It’s too hard”

○ Yes it is hard but life is hard. We wake up, take care of the kids, go to work, drive the kids all over, etc. But if you make working out and cooking more meals at home a priority and you change your attitude you are more than capable of doing great things! We always put other things/people before us. Sometimes, we have to put ourselves first focus on our goals. Again, if you want it bad enough you with stop with this excuse and stop looking at it as hard and make it more of your lifestyle.

4. “If I just look at a donut I gain 5 pounds” ○ You have to learn that food does not have power on you. Get out of the cycle of deprivation and binging. Learn how to have self-control at moments and with flexible dieting you can fit in a donut once in a while to fulfill your craving but know your limits enough to avoid a binge.

5. "I can't get motivated” Yes, yes you can. Change your thinking and make better choices. Don’t keep saying, "oh I will start tomorrow"...why not start today make your next meal a better choice and keep making better choices. Again, making a schedule or list can help tremendously during fat loss. Set small goals for yourself and smash them. Succeed, and let your success motivate you to hit your next goal. The more you success, the more confidence you build within yourself. Also, understand that motivation never lasts. Some days we feel highly motivated, and the next day not so much. This is when discipline takes over.

6. "I have no willpower” It isn’t about willpower, it is about a state of mind. Sure it takes time, work, and confidence but you are capable of making the changes and having the willpower!

7. "I have no support”

○ You cannot wait for anyone else to make these changes for you. A lot of clients I know including myself have a significant other or friends in their life who may not make the healthiest choices, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat what they eat. You are your own person!! And their lifestyle does not have to align with your personal goals. You have control of what you consume and what you do, remember that. Do what you want to do and do not worry about anyone else.

8. “I don’t like the gym” ○ Find what works for you. Get your body moving no matter what it is. You have to start somewhere!! Your body is meant to move and find activities you enjoy doing. Whether it is dancing around the living room, walking, yoga, etc.

9. “I love food too much” ○ ME TOO! Why do you think I chose this career? But I know how to portion out my foods and what I am able to fit into my day to still hit my goals! You do not have to give up the foods you love to “diet" Instead, be aware and again, learn self-control. You should look forward to eating and enjoy every bite of your food. I want you to be able to have a healthy relationship with your food, not a love/hate relationship.

10.“Why bother dieting when it is going to come back on” ○ NO, NO it will NOT! Do not think of this as a “diet”, think of it as a lifestyle change.This is not a phase. Put the "on and off again" mentality away and stay focused on your goals. Make the right choices, get motivated, and let go of the yo-yo dieting. Consistency is key.

Get out of the yo-yo dieting phase and start flexible nutrition. Yo-yo dieting sets you up for failure and it is a vicious cycle that you need to break away from. Stop making excuses and fuel your body with nutritious food and be flexible with it!! Lifestyle changes are more realistic than yo-yo dieting for the rest of your life!



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