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What's the Difference between Contest Prep, Photoshoot Prep, and Lifestyle Nutrition?

Written by Michele Zandman - Frankel

Revolutionize Nutrition, Owner

Everyone comes to Revolutionize Nutrition with a specific goal in mind. These goals, require different methods, as well as different levels of adherance to the plan.

As most of you know, Revolutionize Nutrition offers a Lifestyle Nutrition program, a Photoshoot Prep program, and a Contest Prep program. What the heck is the difference between the three, and how do you know which program is right for you at this point in time?

Lifestyle Nutrition:

Lifestyle Nutrition at Revolutionize is for anyone who is trying to lean out and drop body fat, increase muscle mass, change body composition, improve health markers, and overall FEEL BETTER! Our lifestyle nutrition members range from those who are completely sedentary, to those who moderately work out 2-3 times per week, to our vigorous gym attendees. Members can take this program and their bodies as far as they would like! This program makes up 95% of our membership at Revolutionize.

Included in this service are:

Your customized nutrition program, fitness program, regular contact with your nutritionist, weekly in person or virtual follow ups, and Fit3D scans every other week with weigh ins in between . All of our services are offered virtually as well! You do not have to live locally to our office to receive an outstanding service and get the results you want!

Photoshoot Prep:

Our Photoshoot Prep is an excellent challenge for our members who want to take their results a little further and have a cool goal to work towards. This goal eliminates any pressures that are associated with Contest Prep and is nothing but a great time! At the end of Photoshoot Prep, our members can document their progress with a professional private fitness photoshoot with our photographer, and I (Michele) as their personal assistant. In addition to receiving all the services included in our Lifestyle Nutrition program, we will monitor their "peak week" protocol, prep them for all the behind the scenes requirements such as wardrobe, tan, hair and makeup, and in addition, I will be on set teaching and guiding them with their posing. They will receive all of their professional photos approximately 4 weeks after their shoot!

Contest Prep:

If members have had a great experience with our Lifestyle Nutrition program, and don't have any issues adhering to a plan, then Contest Prep is another option and goal to set!

But keep in mind, although we still practice flexible nutrition, contest prep leaves no room for error. We are not bringing the body to "beach lean", but rather "stage lean", which IS another level. Our athletes will have Randy and I as their coaches every step of the way, from nutrition, to training, to posing practice, to day of show assistance, as well as post contest nutrition. In addition, I will be guiding our athletes as far as finding the right suit, and scheduling tan, hair, make up, etc!

Judges will be scoring athletes on factors such as silhouette, muscular symmetry, body ratios and proportions, muscular size, conditioning (how lean you are), poise and routine.

To be transparent, should be proud, but must remain humble in this sport. Scoring IS subjective, so athletes must be open minded to critique and constructive criticism. It's not for everyone, but we have watched hundreds of athletes excel and make massive strides in this sport. Some have approached this goal as a bucket list option, a hobby, and others like myself, have worked year after year earning their status as a professional athlete in the IFBB, International Federation of Bodybuilding!

Also, keep in mind, this is a LONG TERM GOAL. This sport requires patience. If a client only just began bodybuilding, we may need some time to grow and develop muscle before leaning out for a show. In that case, this individual would begin in our Lifestyle Nutrition program with one of our nutritionists, as Randy and I oversee all the program design. Clients will utilize this time to learn how to track food, master all the habits required, and weight train with a specific regimen for muscular development. All of the basics and foundation of nutrition and training should be mastered, and our clients should have a healthy mindset before advancing to Contest Prep.

If you are interested in learning more about any of our programs, or would like to schedule your complimentary initial consultation and Fit3D Scan, contact us at ! We would love to work with you!



Right now I'm close to a month of my 4 month plan, using my Macros just for me & recording them in "My Fitness App". I plan on going to the next level to Compete,! Not sure what Category would be right for me, but that will come in time. Excited to see how far I can go & be WELL prepared for my First show Ever! Yesssss!

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WOOOO! That is so wonderful to hear! 🤩🤩 we got your back every step of the way . Let’s make it happen 💪 😎 🔥

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