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Perfect is the Enemy of Good

“Don’t Let Perfect be the Enemy of Good"

Written by Rev Nutritionist Rebecca Desousa

When trying to lose fat and get healthy, we often easily fall into the trap of seeking perfection. If you strive for perfection day after day, you’ll end up pushing yourself for a few weeks and months and then eventually falling off the wagon and beating yourself up over it and then start the cycle over again. It might not even last weeks it may take a few days to feel overwhelmed and fall off the wagon. The issue is people sometimes set goals too high that are not always very realistic. You can’t change or transform everything overnight. You have to make small goals that will eventually add up to a big goal. It is all about the process; incremental improvements and embracing the ups and downs throughout the journey. Embrace and enjoy the process every step of the way If you miss a workout or are over your calorie goal or macronutrient goal by a little too much, remind yourself it can always be worse. Maybe you went over your calories by 100 calories, but that is better than 200 calories! Enjoy it and get back on track! Go for a walk or do some jumping jacks if that makes you feel better! Extra movement always helps, not necessary but instead of going back for more mindless eating, distract yourself by doing something beneficial. Have control and do not let a cheat meal/relaxed meal turn into a cheat day or cheat weekend or week. Pull the reins in and get back in control of your eating. Nobody is perfect. If you slip up, do not feel guilty, let it go and move on. Perfection is not the goal. Making improvements and feeling good about yourself is. The goal is to create a healthy relationship with food and that won't happen if you constantly think you need to be perfect and "can't" or "won't" eat this or that.

  1. Treat yourself! Have your cheat meal/relaxed meal and enjoy it. Do not be afraid or feel guilty for treating yourself, just know when to stop and do not let the cheat continue on. Do not let the cheat or slip-up have a snowball effect. Enjoy it and get back on track.

  2. Fit foods that you enjoy in to your macros daily. This will keep you from feeling restricted and binging on it during your relaxed meal. Normalize that food. Get away from good/bad food mentally.

3. Forgive yourself! If you do slip up and have a little too many calories or skip a workout it is not the end of the world. Do not dwell on it. Your cannot take it back now so move on! Remember you are not alone and no one expects you to be perfect, so you should not have those expectations for yourself either. If you fall down get back up and strive for improving yourself each and every day. Your feelings are valid especially for what we have been going through this last year, so know that life may not necessarily be easy but we can only control what we have control over.

**Remember you have your coaches/nutritionists here to help guide you in the right direction and to always motivate you to get back on track! Do not be afraid to reach out. We want to help! We are here to help you stay accountable and also to listen to your emotions that are attached to what goes on with the way you feel about eating. So send your screenshots and tell me how the day was and how you felt. The more I know about what is going on internally the more I can help you along your journey. “I fall, I rise, I make mistakes, I live, I learn, I’ve been hurt but I’m alive. I’m human, I’m not perfect but I’m thankful”



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