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    Optimize Your Fitness & Nutrition
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    Health & Happiness
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We care about your health and fitness!

RevolutioniZe Your Body!

RevolutioniZe has developed a nutritional program that can be adapted to anyone's specific goals. Together, we carve a path to health and happiness through a solid support system that optimizes your fitness and nutrition.

We have expertise in all areas of nutrition, related health management to individuals and nutrition for fitness competitions. Whether you want to slim down and practice a healthy lifestyle or you need a prep coach for your next fitness competition, we have the programs to fit your needs.


Michele and Randy have been in the fitness industry since 2008.

Michele Zandman

Certified Nutrition Counselor
B.S. Health & Exercise Science
Personal Trainer
NPC National Figure Competitor/Coach

Randy Frankel

NPC Bikini and Figure Contest Prep Specialist
Certified Nutritionist
NASM Certified
Personal Trainer
NPC Contest Prep Coach

Counselors & Partners

Amber Marchese

Masters of Exercise Physiology/Health Biobehavioral Science
NPC Competitor
Season 6 "Real Housewives of New Jersey"

Ashley Nunez
Wellness Coach

Certified Nutrition Counselor

Kristin Farawell
Wellness Coach

Bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics
University of Rhode Island

Schweitzer Hsu
Wellness Coach

Certified Nutrition Counselor
B.S. Nutritional Sciences, Dietetics

RevolutioniZe Your Body! We care about your health and fitness!

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Science based nutrition for all fitness levels.

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Our Clients Say

  • When I started to RevolutioniZe my life it was just to get all that surrounded me off my back (about losing weight and getting fit). The journey began on May 20, 2013. Since then I’ve lost 30 pounds, went from 17.5″ neck to 16.5″ and 38″ to 34″ Waist. But all wasn’t about Losing.. rather about finding that what surrounded me was Love. Another 10 pounds to go to complete the RevolutioniZe journey.. it’s going to be fun.. To Life!! - Mike Z.
  • I have worked out and tried every diet out there. Being a professional hip-hop dancer, I really have to put myself out there and it’s frustrating working hard but not seeing the results. After sitting down with RevolutioniZe I finally felt like this was the last time I was going to be trying to figure it out. They designed me MY OWN nutritional plan!... - Christina S.
  • Life is so good, my energy level is through the roof. Never have I felt this good about a weight program. Not only your food program but the fact that the both of you we’re so supportive, even on the bad weeks. Trying to change your eating habits after 67 years is next to impossible, but with your help and support I did it!!!! Still going on but glad to be where I am today... - Les G.

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